Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just Keep Swimming

I have been struggling with a hyper thyroid gland for over two years now (I did not know before, but am not acutely aware, that the thyroid literally controls your whole body *le sigh*).

I had not been feeling well for the past few weeks so I went into the doctor this morning. He tells me that I've been on drug therapy for over two years and if I were going to go into remission I would have done so by now. It may be time to consider radioactive iodine I don't know about you, but radioactive anything is not something I want in my body! Since I've been diagnosed, I have been pretty much set against any drastic treatments like this or surgery which has always been mentioned. I barely want to be taking the meds I'm on!

So I left the office feeling a little sad, and praying, but still a little sad. And whenever I start feeling a little down I start singing to myself Dori's line from Finding Nemo - "just keep swimming, just keep swimming..." It makes me smile, and helps me keep a positive attitude and keep moving forward.

"I have decided that I will run this race until I finish. I will not faint. I will not grow weary. I will run. I will press toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me. I will run this race with endurance. I will cast off all negativity which is weighing me down." !

I am still believing in God for my healing. I will keep praying, keep running and will not faint. I will just keep swimming...

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