Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Sleep

I often have trouble sleeping. I have bouts of insomnia and sometimes can't sleep at all. Other times I sleep restlessly and don't get ANY rest at all. I also tend to carry my stress with me to bed and have bad dreams...it sucks!

Well, last month I went on a business trip to Arizona (yes Phoenix in June = pure heat). I visited the Herd museum and came across this dream catcher in the gift shop. The description says:

"As Indian legend goes, the Dream Catcher is hung in the lodge near the sleeping area. Its purpose is to catch all dreams, good and bad. The bad dreams caught in the webbing would be burned off by the first morning light. The good dreams caught know their way to the hole in the center and filter down into the feathers. They are held there to be dreamed another night"

To me, this sounded heavenly. Our tour guide assured me that the dream catchers were authentic and made by tribes people and that they did use dream catchers, even over their sleeping babies.

I got it home, prayed on it, and hung it up over my bed.

Can I tell you, I haven't had not one bad dream since while sleeping in my bed. A few nights I fell asleep in the couch I did have bad dreams, so I can tell the difference. Interestingly enough, since putting up the dream catcher, I actually haven't dreamed at all...does that mean I don't have ANY good dreams?!?!? Scary thought!

Now this may all be in my head - a mind over matter thing. I just know that its the only thing I've done differently and on the nights I am able to get to sleep at a reasonable time, I don't wake up with migranes or feeling like I was fighting a war in my sleep...so whatever it is, I'll take it!

Any traditions that work wonders for you?

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