Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Starbucks Saga...

I have a bit of an obsession with the Starbucks. Now, I am budget conscious so I have been known to make a great home brew...but there is really nothing like a fresh hot grande vanilla soy latte in the morning - no foam please!

At the Starbucks by my job my favorite barristas start my drink as soon as I walk in the door and say good morning - that's what I call service. Recently they have started taking names for the cup - and while they make my drink just how I like it, they can't get my name right to save their life!

I thought I document it, just for kicks - take a look at who I've been over the past few weeks:

Ronefta is my absolute favorite...really...RONEFTA?!?!?

Honorable mention goes to my stop during a road trip - the guy looked at me and just wrote "R"...I didn't get a pic of that one, but I respect that he didn't try to jack up my name.

I find this absolutely hilarious - especially on the times I actually spell it out for them, and they still get it all wrong!

My actual name is Raedell by the way... (two syllables, 7 letters - its different, but I didn't think it was THAT hard *giggle*)


  1. too funny!! i have given up spelling my first name when i go to sbux. i find it much easier to just say 'LOVE'...but then again, now that i think about it they typically say back to me 'love?!' and then i have to say yes 'love' then they say 'like l-o-v-e'...lol so maybe it would be easier to just say my first name hehehe.

    thanks for the post on my blog! you have such a lovely world over here...i'll be back often to visit :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by 'LOVE' and hanging out with me as I figure out the blogosphere!

  3. that is hilarious! ronefta, WOW....i'd have to change that the second that i turned 18 if that was my name. LOL at all of those different names. Maybe you need to yell it for them to hear you pronounce it right :P


  4. I've given up...I've actually spelled it for them sometimes! Seriously...why bother asking?!?!

  5. Don't act like some of us don't have names like "Ronefta" that would throw people off! LOL