Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Finding Motivation in the Little Things...

These here plants motivate me!

I inherited them with the office, of course, because I would not willingly put myself in charge of a living thing unable to cry out for attention (sad, but true). And in the less than two years it has been in my care, I have brought it to the brink of death at least once a week.

I neglect these babies something fierce (see above). I forget to water them, fail to prune them, and they are in pots at least two sizes too small. Sorry, but there is absolutely no green in these thumbs!

Yet, even when I walk in the office after a long, dry weekend and think - oh boy, I think its over for these babies...they surprise me by being the most resilient little things ever!

Whenever I realize the error of my ways and scramble to make amends - showering them with water and plant food - they spring back to there was never any neglect or pain and suffering to speak of. They are constantly sprouting new leaves and my lily even blooms for me multiple times during the year. They never fail to stretch, ever hopeful, to the nearest light - their source of life!

It reminds me so much of me - of us a humans in general. Whether we choose to acknowledge its existence or make good use of it, we come equipped with the tools necessary to ensure our survival. So even when life is kicking us squarely in the hind parts, deep down inside we all have what it takes to hold on until circumstances are turned around for our good!

Stay hopeful, keep blooming, and tap into your source!

Thank God for small miracles :o)


  1. your really good with plants, mine would have died by now. lol

  2. This is such a beautiful post, I love the deeper meaning it what you are saying. We as human beings ARE a lot like plants and God is the soil that our roots grow down into that provide with all of the nutrition and water that we need! There are times when we lose are way and become disconnected, but as long as we keep our roots in the source, we won't perish! Thank you so much for this post :)

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  3. Dee, I am so glad you were blessed by my motivation - thanks for stopping by and I'll definitely return the favor!